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Driving Lessons Oldham

I want you to pick up the phone and give me a call, but before you do that I am sure you want to know more about how I can help you, so have a browse through this page and have a look at the different types of driving lessons I have on offer.

Can You Pass Your Driving Test First Time?

Certainly! And to give you the very best opportunity to achieve that goal I'm going to describe how we are going to do that right now. 
There are three steps you need to cover, the first step is to have completed your progress report card, I give this to you on your first lesson and it details all the skills you need. You must have completed the report card to a standard of "independent".

Before you go into your driving test you will have passed a mock test under exam conditions and you will also be driving without my assistance. By passing through these hoops you will have the skills and confidence to pass first time.

Making Driving Easy..And Passing

So you have just read about the standard you need to achieve, so how do we get you there? Well it all starts on the first driving lesson, this is what I will be encouraging you to do on every lesson.

1. Be in control of the car
2. Aware if your surroundings
3. Complying to the laws of the road
4. Wanting to be a safe driver

If you use those simple four steps you are going to turn yourself into a natural driver, where thinking what to do becomes second nature, you are alert and drop into that "driving zone" rather than struggling to concentrate.

Manual - Automatic - or Both

With my driving school you have the choice of learning in both manual and automatic cars, but what some pupils do which you light want to consider, is to learn in the automatic first then switch to thee manual. 

The benefit is pretty straight forward. You learn your "roadcraft" much more quickly and you keep your eyes on the road, manual can be a bit fiddly to some people at first; but I give you a choice.  If you want to pass your test in a manual car it makes no difference at all if you start in an automatic, let me know what you want to do.

Saving You Time and Money

If you are budget conscious here is some great advice to help you save both time and money on passing your driving test.

1. Pass your theory test as soon as you can, it will actually help you with your driving lessons and soon as you have passed it we can schedule in your driving test.

2. Take a least 2 hours of professional training a week, this should be your minimum. Hour lessons are only good for people who can drive and just waiting for their test.

3. Take lessons every week, since we do not remember everything, the longer the time between driving lessons, the more you forget.

The national average of hours to pass the driving test is 47 and that is when you have 20 hours of private practice. But working to the processes you have read today you have every chance of being better than average.

To be a great driver,give me a call now
Couldn't of had a better driving instructor I passed with Dave in 2008 I would recommend him to everyone I know that doesn't drive. He is a decent instructor that takes his job with a passion and really helps you not like these big companies

Daniel Marland
Excellent driving instructor passed first time thanks to Dave for learning me

Karina Nina
Would recommend dave Allen to any one!!!! Excellent driving instructor. Thank you so much