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Diane is our Customer Services and she will be delighted to answer your questions, listen to your requirements and check lesson availability in your particular area.

The Main reason why I Chose Dave Allen Driver Training

Ncaption id=”attachment_1862″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Customer Reviews Leila Noble

“I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Dave Allen Driver Training!!!! loved it!!!

I waited till I was confident to book my test… stuck at my lessons and with Dave’s excellent tuition I passed first time

Thanks… then 2 months later I have just completed a full days Pass Plus training with Dave – had a fab day – was well worth it.

It was great to check in and ask advice as a new driver; also I waited till this lesson to go onto the motorway, having motorway tuition was very important to me and the professional tuition Dave offers is invaluable.

I feel so much safer and more skilled – Thanks so much Dave Allen.”

Leila Noble

The Main reason why I Chose Dave Allen Driver Training.

Customer Reviews Aaron Burrows

“I picked Dave Allen because I wanted a local driving school that had good reviews on social media.

I found learning to drive was easier than expected – due to the way my instructor Victor Penketh explained in a way that was easy to understand and remember.

I would recommend Dave Allen Driver Training 100% to anybody as I found it an enjoyable experience.”

Aaron Burrows

The Main reason why I Chose Dave Allen Driver Training.

Customer Reviews Claire Swindells

“I passed my driving test at Failsworth with just 2 minor driving  faults.

This was down to the great tuition from my instructor Dave Allen! He is easy and relaxed in the way he teaches, this was important to me as at first I felt very nervous as I had left a previous instructor because I did not feel comfortable with them at all. Dave’s teaching methods are fantastic.

I would definitely recommend to anyone, I am so happy with how my lessons have been, thank you so much.”

Claire Swindells

Dave Allen Driver Training is one of the leading driving schools within Greater Manchester. We pride ourselves on our first class facilities and driving instructors and excellent quality support Staff who work behind-the-scenes.

Our Premium feature enables potential students to have the opportunity to test us out before committing to any further lessons. At this point they can decide whether we are a match for their requirements. It’s very easy to go with the nearest driving instructor to your location but that does not necessarily mean that instructor is the right one for you.

It does not mean that instructor is offering the best quality service for you either. Whenever we all need to pick something out we all have different reasons for that decision and for the chosen one that we selected. Choosing a driving instructor is no different. It’s worth taking a pen and paper and making a list of things that are important to you when it comes to learning to drive. This will help you choose the right instructor and it may also help you along with the driving syllabus.

The main priority should be to choose someone who can teach you at your own pace. The last thing you need is someone who wants to move on to the next part of the syllabus before you’re even confident enough with the procedures you’re currently covering. You need to be comfortable with the instructor and you need to be able to competently carry out each part of the driving syllabus.

Your initial choice might well be to choose between a driving school or a driving instructor who works as a sole trader.  A driving school will typically be made up of any number of driving instructors. There are advantages to using the driving school as opposed to an instructor who operates alone, one such advantage is the school have support staff to support the driving instructors.

These support staff will be there to carry out administrative duties for the instructors. What this does is enable the instructor to concentrate solely on driving tuition rather than be bogged down with endless amounts of paperwork. Obviously if it is a popular instructor then that gives you a greater chance of being able to book him or her.

The support staff will usually carry out all the admin duties including answering the telephone, taking bookings and generally promoting the business. They will also be responsible for taking payment for the driving lessons booked. Usually a student will book in advance and pay for lessons directly with the driving school as opposed to the instructor.

Unlike the driving school, the driving instructor who works solely for themselves will have to handle all the administrative tasks that come with the job themselves. What this can mean is the solo driving instructor might not provide as much a quality service as a driving school & he or she might not be available for lessons as much as they would like to be.

Driving schools are also able to provide more services to their portfolio as their instructors can offer more varied training & experience. For example advanced driving lessons or motorway driving are just two opportunities they can provide. As we can see from the options available to us it is important that we take care in choosing the right instructor when first considering driving lessons.

Regards, Dave Allen, Dave Allen Driver Training School Owner