Fantastic another pass and this time for Alyssa Conner from Oldham who passed her practical driving test on the 3rd of April at Chadderton Test Centre.
Alyssa said “I didn’t have time to send this yesterday. I appreciate everything you’ve done thank you. :- I’ve passed with Dave Allen Driver Training and my instructor Gary Wood. When I first started my driving lessons I was very nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. My Driving Instructor Gary reassured me I was safe and helped build my confidence. He was very patient, calm and professional. Provided me with the best advice, feedback and tips to get me to high driving standards.
I was going through stressful times throughout some of my lessons and Gary helped me maintain my focus to get me where I am now. I have always beaten myself up and was always doubting everything I did and I look back from the first lesson and seen how much I’ve grown since then. My confidence is through the roof and this has changed my life completely I can now commute to work easier and not have to worry about public transport no more and be able to travel places.
Thanks so much to my Driving Instructor Gary Woods I can’t thank him enough, the best driving instructor ever. I Would highly recommend him to friends and family. Also thanks to the Dave Allen Driving Training Team.”