What is a Driving School?

The Driving Industry is split into two main types of business. The first type is Driving Schools, the second is Sole Trader Driving Instructors. The latter provide all aspects of the business  themselves whilst the former as we have mentioned earlier generally have support staff that will carry out all the administrative duties for them.

This greatly helps the driving school instructor. Driving schools might be able to offer further discounts or incentives for better facilities. Generally students will begin their lessons at the driving school premises whilst a driving instructor working solo will generally pick the student up from their home address.  Driving schools might offer better payment facilities for example debit or credit card facilities whereby a solo driving instructor might not have those facilities on board.

Typically driving schools will offer a better booking facility therefore you might find you are able to book more lessons in advance as opposed to a solo instructor who might only be able to offer you a handful of lessons in advance. When it comes to training neither driving school instructor nor solo driving instructor receive any better training than the other. They both receive the exact same type of training and both have to take the exact same examinations in order to teach someone to drive.

However there is no legal requirement for any instructor to take further development training once they have passed their final exams. Whilst there is further development available to driving instructors very few take additional training on board. In fact statistics show that out of the 40,000 currently registered driving instructors in the UK, less than half of them take on further training.

You might expect that those who do take on future training and future development would be instructors from driving schools given that they have more time to develop their careers. In some cases it is the driving schools own conditions that the instructors are required to further develop their careers as they are also required to abide by the schools own internal procedures.

This alone can demonstrate how the driving school can appear more professional than a solo driving instructor.  Driving schools can also be in a position to offer more advanced services simply because they might have the instructors. Schools might even take on instructors who are trained in a particular area or a more advanced area. This can ensure that they are covered for all potential students needs no matter whether it be for basic learner driver courses or the most advanced courses available.

There are cases where a driving instructor might need to offer a greater service than the simple basic learner driver course. For example a person originating from overseas might require refresher courses tailored to the UK driving laws after relocating to the UK. This is just one example beyond basic instruction as the person mentioned here would have a full license but require a specific need.

This is an example where both a driving school & solo instructor could probably offer this kind of service but where they are required to be more technically advanced then you would probably find this instructor employed by the driving school.

Driving Instructors explained.

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