Driving Tutors and How to Choose Them

There are currently around 40,000 driving instructors registered within the UK. It is a requirement that all driving instructors providing paid driving lessons to the public are registered with the U.K.’s governing body at the DVSA. Not all those 40,000 instructors will be fully qualified instructors, some may only be partially qualified.

Whether fully or partially qualified, all driving instructors are able to take paid driving lessons as long as they are registered with the DVSA & have an appropriate sticker displayed in their vehicle window. There is no legal requirement for the driving instructor to be fully qualified before taking lessons but they must display a pink badge issued by the DVSA if they still nedd to complete their final exams.

For a fully qualified driving instructor that badge is green in colour and has to be displayed in the instructors vehicle that he is taking lessons in. Fully qualified instructors are known as ADI’s or Approved Driving Instructors. They will have successfully passed a series of extremely difficult examinations in order to be fully qualified.

A partially qualified instructor is known as a PDI or Provisional Driving Instructor. They may have taken some of their examinations but won’t have completed them all yet. All driving instructions regardless of whether they are ADI or PDI must pass a criminal background check before they can give any kind of driving lessons to the public.

It is certainly recommended that before you get into any vehicle with a driving instructor that you check that they are displaying the relevant green or pink badge as required by law. Driving instructors will usually work in one of two ways. They will either be registered with a driving school and work for a driving school or they will work solo as a sold trader.

Regardless of which way they choose to operate the training for a driving instructor remains the same. There is however no legal requirement once a driving instructor has passed his final examinations to take any further training on board for him or herself. This is where the level of driving instructors all differ.

This is because there is further development available to all driving instructors. The training provided is similar to refresher courses ensuring that driving instructors who do take on further development courses are aware of the latest methods & procedures & they have all the tools at their disposal.

It is estimated that less than half of driving instructors take this training on board. Driving instructors come with all levels of experience and not necessarily due to age of driving all length of driving. Driving instructors can be qualified for more advanced training services for example motorway driving or HGV driving to name two additional services.

A Driving school will typically be able to offer various services that can meet the demands of students whether that be basic driving skills advanced driving skills or even motorcycle or bus or lorry driving. Your choice of driving instructor will depend upon the level of training that you are undertaking.

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