Driving Tuition

Despite figures showing to the contrary the best method of learning to drive is with a professional driving instructor. Studies show most students choose friends and family when it comes to learning to drive. More than 2000 people surveyed claimed friends and family was the best way for them, claiming driving instructors were simply too expensive.

Only 26% of them actually use professional driving instructors, the remainder using friends and family or someone they know. When you compare these figures to the national average for the UK, the practical test pass rate is only at 47.2%. This can clearly give us some indication as to why those figures are so low.

A course of lessons with a professional driving instructor is and will always be the best course of action. All professional  driving instructors understand the driving syllabus and are able to identify each and every step required for preparation for the final practical test examination. The instructor will prepare you with these core lessons. He or she will be able to identify when you are ready to take your driving test.

From the statistics that we see above we can only assume that most of those opting for friends and family are not fully prepared for their driving test when they take the exam. The irony is that retakes of the driving test, not to mention any lessons that may be needed before hand means the student hasn’t saved any money by opting for friends & family in the first place.

The foundations of the driving syllabus need to be laid down by the driving instructor to give you any chance of passing you being ready & fully prepared. Friends & family can be useful for additional practice in between professional driving lessons.

A high proportion of lessons undertaken by students are lessons that involve repeat procedures or things they have covered in previous lessons. These might be things that the instructor feels the student has not quite mastered yet & therefore requires more practice before moving on to the next step of the syllabus. These kind of lessons can be reduced if the student has access to friends and family to provide extra practice in between lessons.

One of the main questions regularly asked when initially booking lessons is how many lessons are needed. There is no definitive answer to this question given that everybody learns at a different rate. Some of people are able to pick up things quite quickly whilst others need a little more time. That said,  the driving standards agency for the UK claim students need around 47 hours of tuition and approximately a further 20 hours of practice in between examples with friends and family.

If you preparing to take lessons you can use this as a guide as you may find that you actually need a lot less or maybe more. With Driving School of Motoring the average is around 35 to 40 hours although we have had people only need approximately 10 hours. As we mentioned earlier, everyone learns at different paces.

How to gauge quality driving lessons

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