Most people are unable to distinguish between good and poor instructors.

Driving methods have changed over the years for learning to drive and a good driving instructor we have kept up-to-date with those changes. Those days where you would simply get behind the wheel of a car and simply repeat the same procedure over again until you have got it have long gone. Today’s driving lessons are more structured provided you have the right instructor teaching you.

They include a recap at the start of the lesson and a further recap at the end. These recaps are short, no more than 3 to 5 minutes in length, discussions with your instructor to go over what you have covered either in the last lesson or the current lesson. During the recap you will be expected to provide input regarding your own performance during the lessons.

This will give the instructor an idea whether you are feeling confident & happy with your progress or whether you lack confidence over a particular aspect of the syllabus where you might benefit extra practice. The instructor will tell you where he feels your strengths and weaknesses lie. This information should be recorded in a report card.

A Report card is a useful tool when learning to drive as it details the driving syllabus step-by-step. As your instructor records your progress at the end of each lesson you can clearly see how are you progressing week by week or lesson by lesson. This gives you an idea of where you need to concentrate all your efforts if you are in a position to practice your driving in between lessons with your instructor.

During your lessons, it is important that you fully understand what your instructor is asking you to do & you know how to carry out the manoeuvre as required. If you have any doubts whatsoever you should let your instructor know as soon as he or she tells you what they want you to do. Part of an instructor’s job is to guide you or assist you through a manoeuvre if you are on clear.

You should never attempt any manoeuvre unless you are absolutely 100% clear what your instructor needs you to do as this can endanger not only you & your instructor’s wellbeing but also other road users. Checking with your instructor to make sure you have confidently mastered in your head what you need to do is just as important as carrying the procedure if not more so.

The instructor will repeatedly assist you until you are confident that you can carry out the manoeuvre without any guidance. As you carry out each process with the guidance of your driving instructor he should provide you with feedback at the end of each manoeuvre. Only then will you know whether you are improving or not and that feedback will also help build your confidence.

The recap at the end of each lesson will provide you with feedback on how you are performing with regard to the driving syllabus during that lesson. The instructor will also advise you whether you are ready to move onto the next step when you meet again for your next lesson.

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